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Tingloy Island, Batangas



Is a travel blog and site crafted by an ordinary Filipina living in the bustling City of Metro Manila, Philippines. The creation of  (2016) was really a dream come true for the author. She even spent a long time trying to publish articles (random thoughts and misadventures) on her blogspot and wordpress account back in 2012 which was just left behind and became a little bit outdated due to busy schedules.

The author learned that building a blog site on your own isn’t like eating a piece of cake or playing games, instead it is all about transcending to your greatest passion and accept diversification.


Anawangin Cove, Zambales

All the stories and journey’s behind this site is written by Victoria Romane Camento, who is known to her friends as “Vikay or Viks”. A certified Thomasian and a self- proclaimed Iska. Her passion includes travelling, mountaineering, eating marshmallows and learning foreign languages (trying out Hangeul, Spanish and German) and digging deeper from her roots which is Bicol (Naga City).

She is extremely enamored by how the sun light so bright and how the moon synchronizes with peace and serenity. She aims to capture precious moments and landscapes through her camera lenses. She is fond of learning new things and a last minute traveler.

At present, she is trying to share others her ultimate D-I-Y itineraries in her travel adventures page and site. She aims to help other mountaineers and travelers in all walks of life to have a hassle-free vacation and enjoy life without spending too much penny.

She believes that every person is a warrior in their own battle and a sunshine to their own misery.

vikay camento
Mt. Pinagbandirahan, Anilao, Batangas

Currently, she is a Paralegal by day and a newbie photographer/writer in by night.


(the author’s whereabouts if not writing, traveling nor hiking)

She is fond of a) watching Korean Dramas (oh! really love thiiiiiiisssss), b) playing with her dog, c) binge-eating in her room or wandering in the best restaurants in town! d) singing her heart out (at Soundcloud :)) or exposing her crazy dance moves in  Dance beat at TimeZone, e) wandering at school, pretending to be smarty-pants and f.) doing swimming, running, biking and staying at coffee shops.


 These are the places that the author wanted to invade and explore:

sunrise at Mt. Pulag, Benguet (via Amba-Amba Trail)
sunrise at Mt. Pulag, Benguet (via Amba-Amba Trail)
  • Checkout the best in the 81 provinces of the Philippines
  • Hike at Mt. Apo and Mt. Guiting-Guiting (1st and 2nd highest mountain in the
  • Backpackers in Southeast Asian Countries (Indo-China, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia)
  • Watch the sunrise in the Grand Canyon in Arizona, US
  • Play at the raging Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada
  • Stroll around in the cherry blossom park in Seoul, South Korea
  • Eat hot-pot noodles in Japan
  • Swim in the waters of Santorini, Greece and Maldives
  • See the northern lights (Aurora Borealis and Australis) in the Scandinavian territory
  • Visit the Hobbit Town in New Zealand and have a tour in Europe ruins.

 Let’s start conquering borders and differences.

 Stop being afraid.

Enjoy the things that makes you happy and free.

Nothing is impossible to people who has the determination and passion to dream and to take risks.

Let the Heavens rejoice, and let the Earth be Joyful. Let the Sea thunder and that which fills it. Let the open field exult and all that’s in it. At the same time let all the trees of the forest break out joyfully. -Ps. 96:11-12