munting buhangin

25 June 2017. Since I am a constant trip planner, a week before this trip, I already planned to travel and explore the tourists destinations located in between Baler-Casiguran route but due to the lack of time and inclement weather, we had to divert our almost 10-12 land travel to a nearer place. That’s the main reason why we ended up at “Munting Buhangin Beach Camp” located at Brgy. Wawa, Barrio Natipuan, Nasugbu, Batangas.


Our main goal is to find a beach just near the Metro via commute and since this resort has said to be more good reviews in Trip Advisor (i wonder why???), we’ve decided to check this out.

Frankly, I wouldn’t recommend this beach camp for those who are looking for luxury and for those who are more likely to beach bum in-style. This beach camp was technically an ordinary resort (only they has wider shoreline than the nearby resort), NOTHING MORE. 

Just to give justice to some other things I like about this place, I would love to share some pictures of the camp.

munting buhangin beach camp

Since I am fond of beaches in general, I just appreciate the ocean breeze and the sound of waves in front of me.

We didn’t really reserved an accommodation because we planned to have our tent pitch. The part I was kinda annoyed is the fact that they are charging the guests P1,000.00 for the tent space (this is the same if you bring your own tent or you use their tent).

Further, since they are charging the same price for the rent of the tent, we opt to use their tent instead of the one I brought with me,

but to our dismay, they have insisted that they can’t let us borrow theirs because IT IS NOT WATERPROOF!!! woahhh…That’s real quick. What a lame excuse! As if the one I brought was waterproof. I think they are just too stubborn and lazy to get the tent and pitch it for us.

To cut it short, we didn’t argue anymore. I think its also their tactic to have their rooms be occupied instead of us pitching tents.

Anyway, we have our tent assembled under the gazebo and thankfully, it didn’t rained.

munting buhangin


They have a lot of benches just by the shore. I guess, this place was more of the team building type camp than to cater private guests. They have volleyball net for those wanted to play.

munting buhangin


The sand is not as white as to Cebu and Boracay but good thing its fine. The place was not bare to the striking heat of the sun unlike the resorts in Quezon and other public beaches in the North, definitely the trees contributed a lot to the coolness of the place.

Too bad the sunrise was directed to the opposite side of the beach, but you may catch the sunset there.

The public comfort/shower rooms is definitely the reason why i won’t recommend the place because it is not well maintained.

Dirty toilets, no tissues, no usable pale/dipper, rusty faucets and even dirty floor!!!   

The staffs are not welcoming. To think they have a lot of guests. The restaurant has dirty floor and no one bothers to sweep it all up. Poor maintenance service. We also had a lot of mosquito bites after the overnight stay.

They don’t charge for corkage fees and the entrance fee for overnight guests includes breakfast (P380-480.00/pax). They don’t have water dispenser. They charge for everything you need at the resort. Before you get to the information booth of the beach camp, you had to pass an almost a kilometer bumpy and forestry ride and walk to a very steep stairs. LIKE REALLY STEEP. IT WAS LIKE A 100 STEPS. 

The night before we checked-in, we were drop-off by the tricycle driver at the gate for P200.00 from the town proper.

Since there are no shuttle to have us pick up on the gate (i guess they don’t have anything to offer anyway) nor someone to guide us, the security guards have us walk on that eerie pathway, no lamps or flashlight whatsoever. ARGGHHH. Very gentleman. It was as if we are on a HORROR MOVIE, lost in the haunted forest. It even took us 15-20 minutes walk. 

At least, we have a couple of good shots just right at the end of the shoreline.




(in every beautiful shot, there are supportive photographer friends :)/ Finezze and Leslie)

Munting Buhangin

munting buhangin

I highly recommend our tricycle driver, Kuya Oliver, he is by far one the friendliest person we’ve met there. He even took us to one of the amazing top view in the area and to their impressive church in town.

In any case, I just found this beach camp not suitable with our taste. A total dissatisfaction. I hope they might consider some repair/maintenance, proper staffing and good resort service.


Batangas is popular with lomi (P45.00) and goto lipa (P65.00), that’s what we have for dinner at a local eatery at the town.

 Goto Lipa and Batangas Lomi

In any case, if you still opt to go here, this is the DIY Itinerary.


Day 0

0300 ETD DLTB Bus @ Buendia, Taft (bound to Nasugbu via Lian) – P160.00/pax

0730 ETA Nasugbu Town Proper (eat dinner and negotiate at the trike)

0830 Arrival at Munting Buhangin Beach Camp gate

0850 Check-in at the Resort (we walk around 15-20 minutes)

0900 Beach bum

1100 Lights-out

Day 1

0600 Beach bum and catch sunrise

0900 Breakfast and swim

1100 Tidy-up and Pack-up

1230 Check-out (Ride Trike going to town)

0100 Lunch at Town

0115 Board Bus going to Buendia/Pasay

0530 ETA Pasay


Bus Fare (P160.00 x 2) = P 320.00

Tricycle 1 (200.00/3) = P67.00/per way

Tricycle 2 (250.00/3) = P87.00/per way

Entrance Fee (Overnight/Day Tour) = P380.00 / P480.00

Pitch Tent (whether you bring your own or use their) =P1000.00/3 = P334.00

TOTAL – P1,188.00

(Well, as for our experience, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, it’s just that I think there are far way better resorts less than this cost.)

munting buhangin

Apologies for the rants people. I believe I am entitled to give all of the travelers out there an honest review of the place.

Ciao for now.



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