Beach just near the Metro: Waves at Real, Quezon!


Summer has indeed officially started for 2017! Wanna go out for a quick dipped in the ocean? A quick-weekend getaway must it be? or try surfing? or maybe just to watch sunset by the beach? YOU GOT THE RIGHT SPOT!



Here is our D-I-Y Itinerary of our Real, Quezon getaway with my girlfriends.


As a certified corporate slave, I believe that one of the greatest pleasure in life is to travel spontaneously without thinking much of the budget—- Yep, you read it well my friend, this is the cheapest way to travel in Quezon without being broke.

This happened last 31 March 2017 to April 02, 2017. We originally planned to travel in One Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan that week but realized that since it is summer vacation of students and some peeps, the place might be crowded at that weekend and so—we ended up cramming to find a place near manila and with a nice beach to stay with.


Here we found a place in Real, Quezon —- The Real Coast & Surf.

The Real Coast & Surf is a Premier Resort Destination in Reál (\rā-ˈäl\), Quezon, Philippines with its surf shack and camping area by the beach. Since we don’t have time to book a Cabana ahead of time that weekend, we chose to brought and pitch a tent instead since there is a camping area in the place. We paid the Tent Space for only P450.00 (small tent, can accommodate 1-5 person) for 24 hrs and paid the entrance fee of P270.00/per person. They have tents available for rent and breakfast (if you opt to eat there). You can bring your own food and snacks. You can also grill your food in their grilling area for free. I’ve read some blog that they corkage some liquors and snacks, half the price (if they have it in their commissary), but in our experience, they don’t check our bags for the food or maybe they don’t have chance because we arrived there early in the morning.:)

Real Coast and Surf

real coast & surf


Since we are doing this DIY, we chose to explore the place via commute. Yep, you’ve heard it right! We did go to the surfing resort via Bus. We learned that the Raymond Bus Terminal in Legarda, Manila has a route destination going to Real via the signage board “INFANTA-REAL”. The fare costs P195.00/pax (AC Bus) and they also have ordinary buses if you opt it out for cheaper and more adventure trip. We also noticed that just beside the terminal, there were a lot of private vans who can take you to Real for P220.00/pax. You can choose of either two.

We advised our bus conductor to drop us off just before the TIGNUAN/TIGNOAN BRIDGE — this is where the tricycles are waiting to bring you to your chosen resort. The travel time from Manila to Real is around 3-4 hours. At 2 in the morning, the weather in Real is quite cold compared to the weather in Manila. We rode the tricycle for P50.00/pax. The tricycle can accommodate upto four (4) people and the travel time going to the resort would be around 15-20 minutes.

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2230 PM ETD @ Raymond Bus Terminal (Manila)


0230 AM ETA @ Tignoan Bridge, Brgy. Malapad, Real, Quezon

(Ride a tricycle going to Real Coast & Surf Resort)

0255 AM @ Check-in at Real Coast & Surf (Pitch tent and resume sleep)

0730 AM Breakfast and Preparation for Falls adventure

0930 AM Tricylce ride going to Balagbag Falls (2-tiered falls)

0945 AM Jump-off for Balagbag Falls (Log-in and pay for Environmental fee)

0955 AM Start Trek

1010 AM Arrived at Balagbag Falls (Picture Taking and have a quick dip)

1030 AM Start descent

1040 AM Tricycle ride going to Nonok Falls

1050 AM Jump-off for Nonok Falls (Log-in and pay for Environmental fee)

1055 AM Start Trek (Be ready for river crossing)

1115 AM Arrived @ Nonok Falls (There are cottages available for rent for a fee, have a quick dip since there are less

people staying)

1230 NN Start descent

1245 NN Picture Taking Along coastal road (beside the beach)

1300 Lunch at Ate Jocelyn’s Store

1430 Back at the Resort

1445 Stroll, swim, surf

1900 Dinner and Bonfire (Free Time)


0700 AM Breakfast at Ate Jocelyn’s

0800 AM Swim and Stroll

1000 AM Start Packing-up and Tidying-up

1100 AM Check-out at the Resort (Ride a tricyle going to Tignuan Bridge)

(You can hail a bus just beside the street, the travel interval is every hour or you may go to the Town Proper                    for a van or bus ride.)

1230 AM Ride a van going back to Manila

1430 PM Back to Manila


  • The resort has a 8-door bathroom/shower room (men and women separately)


  • You can do overnight and day tripping for a fee.



  • For those who will be bringing their own transportation, the resort has parking space outside.
  • You may ask the nearby store (I recommend Ate Jocelyn Ananas for “Paluto”; It is 3 stores away from the resort) I also noticed that their snacks and drinks are cheaper compared to the one’s inside the resort. We have our dinner (since we brought with us our marinated pork and chicken and breakfast food) to be cooked by Ate for P80.00/kg. We also have our rice cooked for P100.00/kg. Less hassle for us who wants to cool down and just chill at the resort.

Capture55588 Capture889988818423682_1179464325515724_4546583918135255885_n

  • Cellphone signal is really hard to find (locals told us that they have certain areas for the Smart Network signal)
  • You can hire a tricyle (We recommend Kuya Nolly for the day tour; he is the brother of Ate Jocelyn, especially  the Falls Tripping) He will give you a reasonable price for the trip.
  • The environmental fee for Balagbag Falls and Nonok Falls is P20.00/pax. The cottage at Nonok Falls costs P150-200.00/per day.

18446654_1179464785515678_3871775031344289240_n Capture7777 18403732_1179464355515721_1086387297721651880_n18424166_1179464548849035_5335298879662186067_n

18425048_1179464665515690_4180076271768197329_n 18425335_1179464415515715_4592214066063028614_n

  • You may book a Cabana at the Resort for P1,500-2,000.00/per 24 hrs. It has mattresses and hammock inside.
  • The Town Proper where you can buy fresh goods and viand will be 30-45 minutes away from the resort.
  • Real Coast & Surf Resort is a typical surfing resort with fine gray sand and indeed with real huge waves.



  • They offer Surfing lesson for P500.00 and do rent surfing boards. The lighting of the bonfire costs P300.00.
  • You may swim at the beach up until 06:00 in the evening, since there will be no life guards available after that time.

18485897_1179464215515735_2897962267763170061_n Capture22 Capture33 Capture8888

  • I really commend the place because it is well secured and well monitored. The resort guards are roving the area for 24 hours. Locals are all friendly and nice. The resort personnel’s are very neat especially to the bathrooms.
  • There is film-showing at the Resort Lounge in the evening. You can chill at the place and have your beer (from the resort commissary) there.
  • Weekends at the Resort can be crowded. You may bring your own tent and inflatables.

The place is kids-teens-young adults-kids at heart friendly! 🙂 <3




Hope you find this itinerary helpful!



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