Hike at Mt. Maculot (Cuenca, Batangas) for less than P500.00!

mt maculot

This post must be late, but as some people will say : “It is better late than never“. Now, I am sharing with you our itinerary for our year-end climb last December 2016 at Mt. Maculot, Cuenca, Batangas (930+masl).

As you might have seen on some of your friends feed, whether it would be instagram or facebook, this incredible mountain is probably one of the top destination to go to for starting climbers, campers and the hardcore hikers. According to our guide, Mt. Maculot is also called Mt. Macolod (it was associated with the Filipino word “kulog” or thunder) since it was said that once there is a typhoon in the place, the sound of the thunder was extremely heard in the mountain. Mt. Maculot has three (3) parts: a) The Rockies (709+ masl), b) The Summit (930+masl) and c) The Grotto (510+masl). Though when we go there, we only tried the Rockies part since it is where the challenging part goes. You can still hike the traverse part Summit-Grotto.

Mt. Maculot


0630    ETD BUENDIA BUS TERMINAL, Gil Puyat-Taft, Makati (Jam Liner Bus going to Lemery, Batangas)

0700    ETA  Cuenca Poblacion – Highway (landmark 7-11)

0730     ETA Bayan (ride a trike going to Brgy. Poblacion)

0745     Registration Site/Jump-off Point (Climb prep, Final Check & negotiate guide)

0800     Start Trek

0930     ETA Arrive at Campsite

1000     ETA @ Rockies (Photo-ops)

1100      Start descent

1230      Take Lunch at the jump-off and log-out at the Registration

0130      Take jeep going to SM Lipa (Buses going to Buendia)

0230     Bus going back to Manila


The registration fees only costs us all-in P20.00/per person. Our tricycle ride going to the Registration and Jump-off costs P20.00/person per way. The bus going to Tambo Exit (7/11 landmark) from Buendia costs P117.00/per person. The jeepney from Bayan to SM Lipa costs P25.00/each. The travel time from Bayan to SM Lipa is kinda slower since the traffic was a bit consistent on that area. The guide fee costs us P400.00 (group of 4 for the regular trail). We just gave an additional tip for the guide since he took us extreme shots in the rockies and we have learned a lot of history of the mountain.


There are mini-buko stores in different parts of the trail. They sell the buko juice (refreshments! ALAS!) for around P10.00/per glass. We have reached the Rockies for around 1.5 hours, normally the whole trek will take you 2-4 hrs. depending on the phasing of the climbers. Some parts are steep and had to take extra careful when hiking the trail. The rockies part is quite dangerous since the other side of the trail was already a ravine. One wrong step, you’ll probably tipped-off and then fall. There are a lot of incidents connected in climbing Mt. Maculot, one of which would be the Reporter/climber who fell on the rockies and died (found his body only after 13 days -on search) and another one is the helicopter who accidentally crashed into the grotto area, due to the clouds accumulating in that part of the area. And a lot more stories that is making the mountain quite famous and sometimes putting it in- mystery.

But I guess, why would people still keep on visiting the place? Well. The view is quite amazing i guess. You can see the whole Laguna Lake and other nearby mountainous area. It’s quite a sight.

Mt. Maculot

the campsite





Though when we climb on the holiday (Rizal day), there are still a lot of climbers in the area and taking pictures on the famous spot will take hours (long line) haha! Good thing our guide was good at negotiation. We are always ahead of the line (since we are only three unlike the big groups). Waiting will eat-up your time!


Mt. Maculot



Mt. MaculotIMG_1575

So this is the fun part after the climb. The eating part!!! As always, I will always love Batangas for its delicious delicacies, one of which is the Batangas Lomi!!! Literally mouthwatering dish it is after a climb. Just by the jump-off, there is a carinderia serving a heartwarming lomi which only costs P50.00 per large serving and P35.00 for the regular once. Indeed, one of the best lomi!!! (full of noodles and meat) Fully loaded after climb! They also have washing area, P15-20.00 per use (bathing or toilet-use).




Buendia to Tambo Exit (Brgy. Poblacion/7-11) – 117.00

Tricycle (going to the Registration)                        – 20.00

Registration Fee (Local/Environmental Fee)   – 20.00

Guide (group of 1-4)                                                       – 400.00 /3 pax (P134.00)

Tricycle (back to Bayan)                                              – 20.00

Jeepney from Bayan to SM Lipa                              – 25.00

SM Lipa (Bus going to Buendia)                               – 124.00


TOTAL                                                          P460.00/per person (ALL-IN)   

*based on our computation for the transportation and local registration as of December 2016.

Hope this helps!

Keep on climbing Folks!



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