Foodtrip in Antipolo for less than P1000! (Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines)


To find a cozy place to stay and good food to eat, that’s our ultimate goal when we went up to Antipolo City, Rizal.

Our Motto: as Cindy Lauper says, “ohhh girls just wanna have fun!”

The City of Antipolo is just 25 km. away East of Manila and a very well-known place for pilgrimage. The weather here is just like of Tagaytay, not to warm, but can be very cold. It is located in a higher elevation than that of Metro Manila and offers a scenic view of the metropolis, especially at night. When we’ve decided to go here, all i think of is to visit Balaw-Balaw Specialty Restaurant (located in Angono) but my friends didn’t want to try extreme food that day haha! That’s why we ended up on the road, hungry and no idea of where we are going…but hey, thanks to our ultimate guide, GOOGLE.

 So here’s our crazy road itinerary:


Honestly, our main plan is to eat at Cafe Esse (located just beside Tiolo’s) but as my friends told me, the cafe is so small and the seats available is in the smoking area. So, here we are, ended up eating steaks for our late lunch. Well, I am not the critic-kind-of person but I can say that the food here in Tiolo’s is very affordable and good! and I highly suggest it to those travelers/food-trippers who are probably in a budget to try this. They cater a Modern Filipino-American cuisine for their dishes.

So here we are, we ordered their best-seller: T-BONE STEAK and JAVA RICE and an additional LUMPIANG UBOD.

t-bone steak and java rice


Probably, this is the most affordable t-bone steak I’ve ordered in my life, for just P197.00 and the lumpia only costs less than a hundred. One of my friend also tried their mocha frappe for her drink and told us that it was also good. What is good about our lunch here is the fact that we just ate and chat there, we’ve decided that we should put all of our phones in the side and ANYONE WHO’VE DECIDED TO GET THE PHONE WILL PAY FOR ALL THE MEAL, with NO EXCEPTIONS! Hahaha… A very nice idea to enjoy your friends company!

DSC_8961 DSC_8964

Me and my friends hanging out and enjoying our meal.


Maybe for the food and service I can rate this all-in-all in 3.5 stars (though the steak was delicious, some part of it is little bit tensile) and the crew should be a little bit attentive to their guests. The place is strategically located just beside the main road and they do have a parking. It is not so spacious but not too close, I can say that this is the type of restaurant where you can “eat-and-go“. There are few chairs to accommodate about 30 people all at the same time and the ambiance inside? well, it needs a little bit renovation and artistic side. A fairly-good place to eat for lunch maybe.


TIOLO (Barbeque, Steaks and Pasta) (beside Cafe Esse’s building)

Rizal Marigman Rd., L. Sumulong Memorial Circle, Antipolo

Store Hrs: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm (M-Sun)

Tel. No.: 02 6959467

Wifi: YES

Parking: YES


Before we go here, I’ve read some blogs about this coffee shop located inside one of the village in Antipolo and so-far the reviews are true! The place is AWESOME. A cozy place to stay and a nice escape for those who wanted to have an alone time and for cocol (coffee-coffee lang mga bes).



They are offering coffee, pastries and pastas. Further, I’ve also learned that it is owned by a Korean couple who also happens to serve in a Christian Fellowship within the same building. You’ll also see that some of the figurines and the artworks are with touch of Korean culture.


(We ordered cheesecake, cookies, camomile and jasmine tea, chamomile, green tea frappe and iced-cafe latte)

As for the costs of the food, well they are fairly cheaper compared to the mainstream ones. What I like about this place is the ambiance and how they strategically use their space and also its artsy side.


and they have a LOFT!!!


We really wanted to sleep in this area + the music = relaxation at its finest. Actually, we stayed here for hours and let the quietness conquered as all. We really do have fun taking pictures here.

DSC_8994 DSC_9083 DSC_9084 DSC_9087 DSC_9101DSC_8982


What can I say? the place and the food is beyond what I have expected. The pastries are all good (I love the cheesecake) and the coffee and tea (you can never go wrong on this). We are here for peace of mind and we did get it. We really love how the place is well-managed and designed. For those who are staying just near Antipolo area, you might wanted to check this out! Its not crowded either and spacious to accommodate about 50 people. A really nice place to study and have some catching up with friends too! The prices of the food is average compared to Starbucks and all other coffee shops.

I’ve also noticed that there is a Korean Restaurant just across the cafe and it is called Hanul Restaurant (I should have tried it, maybe next time). I realized that maybe it was called Jar Tree Cafe because the building that the cafe is located is just beside a huge tree and they have it side-by-side for a nice veranda. I am just not sure if its okay to bring pets but I’ve seen a Siberian husky staying outside in the roofed veranda.



Lot 8 Block 2, La Montana Estates, Santa Cruz, Lower Antipolo, Rizal 

Store Hrs: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm 

Tel. No.: +63 9152715692

Wifi: YES

Parking: Yes (just told the guard you are going to the cafe)

DISCLAIMER: This isn’t part of the Antipolo food-trip but I’ll be sharing this also just for reference and part of our roadtrip.


After we had a very relaxing cocol at the cafe, one of my friend craves for ramen that night (it was really raining hard back then). While on the road, we’ve decided to have dinner in Eastwood and ended up in this restaurant. As the name suggests, it is an authentic Japanese Restaurant catering rice, meat and noodles.

We ordered the Set H in the menu: (consists of one (1) regular size ramen of your choice, rice, side dish and meat dish)


This set costs less than P600 and can be divided into two. The ramen we’ve chosen is the KARA-MISO (the spicy one) which also tastes quite good. We really had a nice meal and probably a very cold night.



Since this is a popular restaurant (I can say it has a lot of branches in the Metro), it has already gained its target market and no need to advertised. Well, maybe I can rate this restaurant as 4 stars because it can cater large amount of people (though sometimes, you have to wait for the next available table) and the crew is all nice and attentive. Though the prices are a little bit costly, lowest price starting at P300 I guess. The food are all worth it anyway. Full hot-pot and the Tonkatsu and Tempura are all tasty.



2/F Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City

Store Hrs: 11:00 am to 10:30pm (Mall Hours)

Tel. No.: (02) 650-6759

Credit card: YES

Service charge: YES


PS: Be careful and have a lot of patience when driving around Antipolo, because the traffic can be so wild! Bring a lot of patience anyway.

IMG_8824[1] IMG_8835[1]


Hoping that I’ve shared you some tips for your next roadtrip!



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