Mt. Tagapo Overnight Camping: Hike less than P350! at Talim Island, Binangonan, Rizal

Mt. Tagapo: Overnight Camping

Looking for your next hiking destination? On a budget? Near the Metro? You’ve got the right place! Why?

because I’ll be sharing here our story and itinerary for our Mt. Tagapo aka Mt. Susong Dalaga (438+masl) overnight climb.

mt tagapo

We didn’t expect to climb the Mt. Tagapo in Binangonan, Rizal on a really dim light situation, though we’ve planned to have our overnight camping in the mountain’s campsite. Surely, time is really hard to measure especially if there are unforeseen circumstances. Mt. Tagapo is located in Talim Island which is the largest lake island in the southwest rim of Laguna de bay. According to our guide (Kuya Dan), there were around 17 barrio’s (If I am not mistaken here) governed by Binangonan and Brgy. Janosa is one of the main barrios of the island and also, partly famous because it is where the mountain is located.

It was also nice to know why the place is called “Talim Island”, it is because of the fact that there is an abundance of planted cogon grasses in the area which has a description of tall and has sharp edges, wherein the Filipino word “Talim” or “Sharp” is derived of.

As far as I can remember, Brgy. Janosa is the 4th port stop of the ferry from Pritil Port.


So here’s our itinerary for our overnight camping:

Day .5

1500 ETD Shaw Boulevard (front of Star Mall- ride a van going to Binangonan/Pritil Port)

1730  ETA at Pritil Port, Binangonan Rizal

1830  Ride a boat going to Brgy. Janosa, Binangonan Rizal (4th stopover) after Brgy. Buhangin

1915   ETA at Brgy. Janosa (Dinner and Register at the Jump-off and secure guides)

1930  Start Night Trek

2130   Arrived at the Campsite (Pitch tent and relax and socials)

2300  Lights out

Day 1

0430 Breakfast and warm up at the Campsite (fix things before climbing)

0500 Start trek to summit

0530 Arrived at the Summit (Wait for sunrise and Photo-ops)

0800 Descent to Campsite

0830 Full combat meal at the Campsite and fixing tents and things for the descent

0900 Start Descent to Base Camp

1130  Arrived at the Registration Area (log-out and tidying up)

1245 Board Boat at Brgy. Janosa going to Pritil Port

1345 ETA at Pritil Port, Binangonan, Rizal (late lunch)

1430 Ride Van going to Shaw Blvd.

1530 ETA at Shaw, Mandaluyong City (Back home)


Since we are in a big group, we already occupied the van going to the port and paid only P60.00 (some,opt riding  tricycle since the drop-off point is just near the Church) or 5-minute walk can also be an alternative way if you’re in a budget. The tricycle costs P10.00/head to drop you off the port. Please be reminded that there is a one (1)-hour interval in the schedule of the boats. The earliest boat going to Brgy. Janosa is at 2:00am and the latest and last trip would be around 09:00pm. The boat fare costs P30.00/head and make sure that if you are sensitive to a sea/boat ride, take your meds before boarding to avoid any uncomfortable feeling while transporting. There are also a lot of food in the port (just make sure that your stomach is ready for any indigestion). Also, there are a lot of vendors offering boat passengers of fish crackers, pugo (quail eggs), boiled peanuts and drinks (eating while sailing? WHY NOT) while in the port. The boat ride going to Brgy. Janosa will take an hour or an hour and a half depending on the wind and waves.

I admit, I was alarmed on the sailing part because THERE ARE NO SIGNS OF COASTGUARD CHECK AND PASSENGERS LIST (which is I guess the cause of overloading of passengers in a given boat). I am highly conscious of the fact that these little things are neglected by the local government of Binangonan.

Pritil Port, Binangonan, Rizal


We have arrived at the port of Brgy. Janosa at around 0730pm and were still thankful that the Brgy. Captain (which we contacted) is still able to accommodate us and secure us our guide. We are advised to have two (2) guides going up since it is a night trek (which I believed far better so that the group will have a forward and sweeper guide). The guide fee costs P400.00/dayhike and P800.00/overnight for a group of 5-6 and the registration fee costs P20.00/head.

IMG_8322 14449887_1092377314144076_8492264625680714487_n

We ate our dinner at the base camp since it will be dark and exhausting if we will wait up to the campsite to eat. I supposed that one of the reason why I refrain from overnight camping is because of my capability to bring loaded bags. My shoulders and back are already giving me a hard time to step up in every assault and my sandals was also a problem since the trail was a little bit muddy and rocky.

So far, all of my groupmates never surrendered in the trail which is very motivating.



I guess these are the few pictures that we’ve got to shot while in the trail because I didn’t have the strength to still take pictures because of exhaustion but the game is still on and stopping is not an option. 

We reached the summit at around 0900pm and thankfully! there are few mountaineers who helped us in pitching the tents and we’ve managed to clean things up before going to some chill time and sleep. The campsite can accommodate around five (5) to eight (8) tents depending on the direction and location and also I’ve seen trees where you can place your hammocks. I am also thankful that there are only few mosquitoes in the area (friends told me before that there are a lot of those before) and hantik (large ants) and few spiders and frogs are quite visible in the trail and site.

DSC_8688 DSC_868214572250_1092387234143084_4840987180261498361_n

14516391_1092386904143117_4678132725777633777_n 14516519_1092378310810643_7162235326835870786_n

DSC_8694 DSC_8693

What is kinda sad about getting into the summit is the fact that we didn’t see the beauty of the sunrise due to excessive fog. We waited around three (3) hours before seeing the surroundings of the island, like that of Mt. Makiling and the Laguna de Bay.


Team PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen)
Team PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen)








And we waited. waited. waited.


DSC_8816 DSC_8826

Patience is indeed a virtue.

DSC_8836 DSC_8844

and a lot of patience for this spectacular view.


and this.

DSC_8868 DSC_8892

Main reason why I love to climb. Just seeing the beauty of nature, all the pain and hardships are gone. All the struggles and lifts are paid off.

Our mandatory group pic after a successful overnight climb.

DSC_8896 DSC_8897

We’ve decided to start to trek (descent) after we’ve finished to ate our packed foods and trail snacks. There is a mini store at the campsite where you can buy cold drinks and some other snacks.

the campsite
the campsite
mt tagapo
the bahay kubo at the half point trail part

mt tagapo

There are comfort rooms and bath areas just at the back of the base camp where you can tidy up and relax in the registration area before logging out.

IMG_8371 IMG_8378

It was around 1245 pm when the boat arrived at the port.

IMG_8382 14572373_1281145361930152_7750596994162548031_n




Every climb is unique so better watch out on everything that is happening. Night trek is indeed a challenging thing for me because my flashlight/headlamp is the only main source of light while in trail. Be cautious in every step and be careful to anything that you are stepping on (there are times that there are ants and frogs on the trail). Wear long sleeves and pants especially when you’re doing day hike because you don’t want to be in full blisters when you get down in the base camp. Wear extensive sunscreen protection if you’ll  get sun-bathing in the summit (No trees in the summit for covering up). 



It is highly advised that mountaineers/climbers should contact the local barangays when deciding to climb to avoid mishaps and to secure your safety. You may contact Brgy. Captain Arambulo – 0943-544-0524 for any questions and queries.

We are grateful also that we a van offered his service to us from Pritil Port to Shaw Boulevard, same fare and all which is a good thing because we don’t need to wait or haggle for our service going home. I think its kuya Chito (I’ll update his number here).

One of a kind climb, the most number of times I’ve slipped-off while in the trail. Thank Jah! I still have my body intact and we are all safe.

IMG_8456[1] DSC_8878

Hope this blog helps!

Happy reading and hiking!



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