Change The Way You See Happinesss

summit at Mt. Sipit Ulang, Rizal

This is my picture taken at the summit of Mt. Sipit Ulang in Rodriguez, Rizal, Philippines last July 2016.

It may not be obvious but I just had my arm twisted at that moment and I am currently massaging my shoulders when this picture was taken. Right at that time I was calming myself not to panic or to move any part of my body, scared that I wouldn’t be able to go down the rocky summit. I’ve realized that at that situation I was really in pain but still managed to smile in front of the camera, I still managed to climb mountains, to start living my life and to enjoy things that I always wanted to do.

I’ve realized that everybody is prone to pain, maybe through emotional, psychological or physiological but this sensation won’t bring us down. It won’t hinder our happiness, our smile and our life. It makes us human. It makes us unique. We will always walk the rough road or climb the rocky mountain or struggle within ourselves but we will always have the choice to smile, to look at the positive side, the beauty behind the dark sky and the happiness beyond anxiety.

Moreover, photos like this won’t be possible without Huawei P9. This amazingly engineered mobile will Change the Way You See Mobile Photography because it is crafted by the best engineers that also aims to help the people see the world in different perspectives. Having it partnered with Leica, it will revolutionized our thinking on mobile photography and filters set-ups. It has a ground breaking dual-lens and invented to create a lighter and better clarity for future shots. Further, Huawei P9 is created by some of the world’s top industrial designers to achieve a visually stunning design with diamond-cut edges, rounded out by beautiful curvatures and has sculpted using aerospace-class unibody aluminum and a superior-grade 2.5D glass. Selfies won’t be too difficult since it will be reliable even in low lights.


This newest mobile technology created by HUAWEI partnered by Leica will definitely rock the millenial lifestyle. It will also be easily accessible to online community since it is WIFI connected and guaranteed to be productive due to its highly advanced operating system.

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