Beach Getaway near the Metro: Laiya Coco Grove (San Juan, Batangas)

laiya coco grove

“Summer isn’t over…yet”

White Beach, Laiya Coco Grove, Batangas

       …that’s my mantra every time the rainy months are started to kick in my system.

           Where cold beds are so inviting and going to work dripping wet was in.

   I and my colleagues had an overnight stay in Laiya Coco Grove, San Juan, Batangas last August 05-06, 2016.


We arrived at Laiya Coco Grove (“LCG”) at around 1:30 in the afternoon. I find our 2 hour and 30 minutes travel time not so exhausting since the road going to the resort is very much accessible (thanks to Star Toll!) and well constructed (some parts were like having a roller coaster ride because there is no traffic and our ride was smooth). My colleague Anna had already an advanced booking a week before our stay to avoid much hassle since we are in a big group consisting of 12 people.

I have noticed that the resort’s property was quite large and overwhelming because the main beach resort (called White Beach) will be  5 minutes-drive from our accommodation and/or a 20 minute-walk for those who wanted to stroll around.

We are welcomed by one of the most accommodating service crews in the place. We are offered by welcome drinks and made our stuffs put in a trolley and guide us to our cottages.

laiya coco grovelaiya coco grove
laiya coco grovelaiya coco grove











The cottage that we are brought into is called Standard Room Big, where it can accommodate 6-7 persons (the room has two (2) single beds and two (2) double decks. Each guests has their own set of towels and toiletries. The cottage has a standard shower and comfort room and has two (2) double cabinets with hangers and a water heater with coffee set.
















Since we arrived at the resort past lunch time, we had to eat in a nearby carinderia in San Juan Town, near the public market and municipal hall before we checked-in in the resort.

We did a quick rest and change of clothes before we are drop-off at White Beach of Laiya Coco Grove. The resort has a strict rule in consuming liquors and soft drinks which can ONLY be consumed in the cottages in the beach.




In all fairness, the beach is quite white and has a stunning view of the mountain ranges nearby.

The cottages is open from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm. and has their own L3 service to pickup their guests back to the main accommodation area (just tell the roving guards to secure you one back)

laiya coco grove
At the white beach, Laiya Coco Grove, San Juan, Batangas

Good thing we brought our own snacks and drinks with us since the place has no definite store to place our orders and thankfully we have a cooler! because the weather is too hot to have our drinks soooo warm.

The sand though not pure white, well, can be manageable, to think the resort is lying in Batangas shoreline where the grey sand is highly visible.

laiya coco grove DSC_7568







We stayed at the cottage for almost 4 hrs. and we had a blast just by hanging out and others for a quick dip in the salt water.

laiya coco grove

laiya coco grove







Back to our accommodation, we are having a dinner buffet which is so nice since we are technically hungry from our strolling and swimming.

laiya coco grove

laiya coco grove







Our food has a combination of fish, chicken, pork, beef and veggies. My fave would be the Calderetang Baka (Filipino-Spanish cuisine kind of cooking beef) and their Sweet and Sour Tilapia.

laiya coco grove

After our dinner, some of us decided to take a dip in the warm pool near our cottages. It is open until 10:00pm and some decided to have a room massage service worth P350.00 whole body.



We had the pool only for ourselves since the rain starts to drop at the moment we dip in the water. Snacks and Liquors is highly prohibited near the pool area. Liquors that are ONLY purchased in the Bar of the resort will ONLY be consumed in the cottages.


I had a sound and safe sleep that night. I woke up maybe around 5:00am the next day and decided to take a walk in the place and take pictures of the area. I love morning walks by the beach because of the sea breeze and feel the calmness of the ocean. It is good for yoga!

Here are some of the shots I’ve taken in the place:

laiya coco grove
Tree House

laiya coco grove laiya coco grove

laiya coco grove
Pool by the beach
sunrise by the beach









laiya coco grove
tree house facing the calm ocean

I’ve also noticed that the resort has a playground (swings, slide and see-saw) including this trampoline for parents who brought their kids with them.

young at heart in the trampoline
young at heart in the trampoline

DSC_8042                                              laiya coco grove






Buffet breakfast is already served at 7:00am to 9:00am. I fell inlove in their homemade garlic longganisa!!!

I and Theena (one of my colleague) decided to buy half kilo each of it which only cost P200.00/half kilo.


A typical Filipino breakfast. Woooohhh!!! You can’t compare it with the breakfast you’ll had at some other fancy resorts but definitely not so bad on its own.

After we ate, some of our colleague decided to take a nap, have a morning swim and some just stroll around the place. Laiya Coco Grove is a nice place to visit especially if you’re looking for a quiet place to take a quick rest from the Metro and have some me-time. Coconut Trees is highly visible in the place (that’s where I think they’ve get the name).

What I just dislike about the place is that of, especially for millennials like me is the internet connection (not accessible) which is particularly not working but maybe somehow good at some point because the guests had to communicate more and less Facebook, Instagram or Snap-chat or less cyber-world and that is what matters most.

Well, that day I prefer to stay indoors since the weather outside got so sultry. I took some rest and tried their in-house coffee which tastes like Coconut-Coffee.

We had to checked-out at around 12nn before we had our lunch. Their buffet lunch is also nice and well prepared. A lot of food as usual. Got my tummy full with chicken. Lunch is served at around 11:30-02:00 in the afternoon.

So far, I can rate the place to be 3.8 stars. Not so fancy but not so outdated since I believed some weddings are  held here. TWO THUMBS UP FOR THEIR SERVICE CREW! THEY’VE GOT THE NICEST AND FRIENDLIEST STAFFS A RESORT COULD HAVE.

We had our mandatory photo-op before going home.


laiya coco grove


For further information about Laiya Coco Grove Beach Club, you may want to visit their site

They also offer island hopping, snorkelling, banana boat rides and a lot more. If ever you’ve decided not to get a cottage, they are open for pinching tent for only P500/night.

Hope you enjoyed my blog!



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