Our Mt. Maynuba and Mt. Cayabu Traverse with Eight Wonder Falls Adventure!

mt maynuba-cayabu traverse

July 02, 2016, me and my climbing buddies trekked the newly opened mountain in Tanay, Rizal, the Mt. Maynuba (728 masl) and Mt. Cayabu (500+ masl) and explore the eight (8) wonder falls.

So far, I would say that this climb is also unique on its own ( a combination of the trail in Maranat, the weather in Makiling, the view in Gulugod Baboy) except that the view contains Mountain Ranges of Sierra Madre, Batonglusong, Irid, Susong Dalaga and many more. Its quite amazing that we’ve still managed to see the Eight (8) Wonder Falls inside the forest which I can say is really a work of art by God.

You can trekked and then dip in the cold water of the falls ( relaxing and so serene). It is worth climbing indeed!

(in Gugulong na bato falls)


We did a DIY travel to go to Maynuba-Cayabu.


0500 ETD @ Shaw Blvd (Starmall) UV Express going to Tanay Public Market

0600 ETA @ Tanay Public Market (chartered a Trike upto Jumpoff, Brgy. Maynuba)

0730 Jumpoff (Brgy. Maynuba); Registration and Secure guide

0930 Start Trek (Ill tell you later why just so late)

1130 Camp 1 @ Mt. Cayabu (had our lunch here)

1200 Peak @ Mt. Maynuba

1330 Natatagong Paraiso , Katmon Falls

1400 Gugulong na Bato Falls

1500 Gintuan, Lantay, Pantay, Manganeso and Maynuba Falls

1700 Back at Jumpoff (Logout)

1730 Travel to Antipolo Terminal going to Manila

I just want to tell you why our trek was kinda late, though we’ve reached the jumpoff early, this is because we’re still waiting for our other co-climbers coming from different route (TAKE NOTE OF THE TIME)  but in the end we’ve decided to start the trek without them because the sun is strikingly up and i know how hard it really gets while trekking in a scourging heat.

Now here’s the most challenging part, in the middle of our climb, specifically in Camp 1, the weather changes, it rains. Thankfully, we brought our ponchos with us, but the trail is already muddy and slippery that made our climb so exasperating. We had to be careful indeed in every step we make to avoid accident.

Note: The normal hike hours would take 4-5 hrs if the weather is good but unlike us, we took the trail for almost 7 hrs because of the muddy walk paths.

There are a lot of guides to assists you and very much accommodating as well. We had our guide named Ate Mary Grace and Kuya Maximo (our co-climber’s guide, they’ve managed to see us in the peak though they’re quite late)

(Registration Area)


The environmental/hike fee costs -P40/pax, Guide for dayhike P500/5pax, overnight is P1250.00/5 pax.

While in the trail, I’ve noticed that some trekkers left their garbage behind which is so wrong in many ways. Our guide brought the garbage with her and pinpointed that the trekkers should be mindful of our mountains. Which is true! C’mmon people, Be a responsible trekker and a human being.


In other note, I’ve also noticed that in Tanay Public Market, many people are interested on bugging you to get their services hired going to different jump-offs which is so irritating. The Tourism Office there became so insensitive and become aggressive in offering their tricycle service which cost P500.00! Seriously guys, you’re way better than that! You’re making business out of public institution instead of helping out travelers to go to their destinations.


I wouldn’t recommend this route to people who’ll do the commute part because of this experience. You might want to take the the Cubao-Cogeo-Sampaloc-Batangasan-Cayabu route instead. We’ve chartered a tricycle for around P150.00/each going to jump-off (we are 3 pax) And the travel time only took us 1-.5 hrs.

Also, there is NO SIGNAL in the area not until you’ve reached Antipolo City where you can get a stable internet service.

Though going home we are in a private vehicle, many tricycles are waiting in the registration area to send you to jeepney’s going to Cogeo and ride a UV to Edsa/or Cubao.

The road going to Brgy. Maynuba is  crazily rough road but the view is so amazing! The morning breeze is so cold like the ones in Tagaytay.

All in all, I can rate this climb to be farely good (though quite really challenging). Hoping that soon, other parts of the Cayabu Circuit would be named and be open to climbers too!

PS: Way up to Camp 1, you can see the town house/dragonfruit farm of Sarah G/her mom Divine (tv personality in Philippines)

Slow Clapped to the breathtaking view! This is why we should travel Philippines first.

Hope this blog helps!



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