What to see in Bohol and Cebu for 4D5N Adventure!



Halfday in Cebu City

3D2N in Tagbilaran, Bohol



I and my girl friend Joan decided to attend the wedding of our friend Jepthe in Tagbilaran, Bohol since it been 2 years since our last meeting.

At first we think that a flight to MNL-TAG (manila-tagbilaran) is the easiest way to travel, but we’ve decided to take the more adventurous one, we are going to Tagbilaran via Cebu.

Heres our itinerary:

ETD 11:45am-2:00pm (Flight from MNL-Cebu) (Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu)

2:00pm-2:30pm (lunch and siesta @ Audrey’s House *close friend of Joan)

3:00pm-5:00pm (walking at Marcelo Fernan Bridge, Mactan Shrine)

5:00pm-7:00pm(back at the house for dinner)

7:00pm-11:00pm (strolling and night life in The Outlet in LLC) (There are a lot of restaurants and shops here, highly urbanized same in bonifacio high st, taguig)

11:00pm (back to accommodation to rest)

What I have noticed:

Though we don’t really commute going to the places, i’ve seen a lot of multicabs and tricycles to bring you at this places. We didnt go to Cebu City from Airport because the time is too little to stroll around, it will eat around 4 hrs back and forth from Lapu-Lapu City where our accommodation is located. It is also said that going to Cebu City might be a little exhausting because of the traffic thats why we ended up strolling to the nearest tourist spots we can go. Though every part of the place is foreign to us since we came from the other side. Hehe.

The Historic Mactan Shrine (A statue of Lapu-Lapu *a Datu of the tribe who fought against the Spaniards headed by Magellan)

Souvenirs @ Cebu

What I ate in Cebu:

Stirfry scallop   Puso (rice)/streetfood/larsian Lato/Danggit/Saang

Can you see how delicious are these? Audrey prepared us sumptuous meal for our lunch, (at the upper left hand picture : sinigang na saang (soured seashell), lato (seaweed) salad with green mangoes and tomatoes; on the upper left corner, it is a stir-fry scallop *the taste is so devouring!!! and lastly at the bottom is a combination of streetfood (chicken instestine, salami, fried pork and the infamous Puso *hanging rice which only costs P4.00) Can you imagine how HAPPY I am eating this food? URGHHH. lovely!

Then at night, we’ve decided to hang-out at LLC Outlet (where people can usually stay and have some chill time with friends or family)



Just want you to see how cute our ride for the day:



ETD 5:00 AM @ Rendezvous Resort



Entrance Fee only cost P50/person for the whole day


Can you see how white sand is? IT IS SO FINE but what I’ve noticed is that of the seaweeds near the seashore.

I remember hitching a ride with a lovely grandma going to the main street!

We left the resort at around 9:00 am, since we need to catch up the fastcraft going to Tagbilaran.

Coming from Lapu-Lapu City, we rode a Metro ferry going to Pier 1 of Cebu City. The regular fare cost P13.00 + P2.00 Terminal Fee. Student Fare cost P11.00 (just provide an ID for that)



Across Pier 1, we buy our ticket from Ocean Jet Express, the ticket going to Tagbilaran costs us P640.00 Roundtrip (P320/per person) for standard open air sitting, our roundtrip schedule will be at June 21, 2016 at around 1pm. We also asked that what if we didnt make it to our shipping schedule, is the ticket still be available for the next sched? The counter told us that as long as it is the same day, the TICKET WILL STILL BE VALID, because unfortunately if that is not the case, they wouldn’t be refunding anything from the customer.


So, better be on-time with your schedule or as much as possible, travel the same day.


The shipping lines (i.e. Ocean Jet/Weesam/Supercat) going to Tagbilaran is located in Pier 3, Cebu City, so if the fastcraft don’t have a free shuttle to have your transfer, you might want to hire a pedicab (P20/pax) or ride a jeep (P7/per person) going to the specific port.

In fairness to the Seaport Terminal, the place is air conditioned and well arranged. They will ask you to pay for P25/per person terminal fee and check-in to your shipping schedule inside the terminal.

You might noticed that there are stores and  PWD’s singing for the travelers and offering massage while waiting for their ship.(don’t forget to kindly share your spare money for donations for their effort)


We didn’t get an air-conditioned sitting because we wanted to see the surroundings going to Tagbilaran. The travel time is 1 hr. and 30 mins or 2 hrs maximum to the Seaport.


At last! Arrived at Tagbilaran seaport @ 1:30pm, 30 minutes earlier from the ETA.



Our travel was fantastic! smooth and sound as I say.

I didn’t rent a specific hotel at Tagbilaran City since we are in a tight budget. I rented a place via Airbnb c/o Joannie and Humprey in Espuelas St.

The hosts of the place have us pick-up at the terminal to our place just in the City.

All afternoon is our free time!

We even hire a motorbike for our DIY travel all around Bohol (highly recommended this for those who don’t want hassle looking for PUV’s to your next destination). We found a motorbike rental at P500/day. We rented at Boysam Rental near Palma St. There were a lot of motorbike rentals near the place, you might want to haggle for the price you want since the gasoline will be at your expense.


ETD 7:00 AM @ Alona Beach, Panglao (where our Boat is located)

We’ve joined a Island Hopping with our friends near Tagbilaran, they’ve managed to charter a boat for the tour. I’ve seen that the cost will be P250/per person and we’ve paid for the boat P170/per person (we are 10 pax, P1700 in total).

What is included in the Island Hopping?

(Dolphin Watching, Snorkeling at Balicasag Island and strolling at Virgin Island)

The snorkeling gear is free for 4 people, and extra will cost P75/person. The Entrance fee for both Island is included in the package.

First Stop: Balicasag Island, Panglao, Bohol


Team Hugot @ Balicasag Island, Panglao (snorkeling and fish feeding)

IMG_6046[1] DCIM100GOPROGOPR6706.

The experience was incredible! The water is crystal clear and I’ve seen a lot of colorful fishes underwater. (Hoping that though there are a lot of tourist going to the place, be a responsible traveler, leaving no trace of trashes and get anything but pictures)


Team Hugot @ Balicasag Island, Panglao, Bohol


2nd Stop: Virgin Island (Isla de Francesco)


Literally, A virgin one! So serene and super beautiful.




The boat left us to stroll around the Island, don’t forget to bring your slippers while strolling around because though the sand is so refined, the heat will kill you. HAHAHA don’t forget to apply more sunblock in case you don’t want to be toasted.


Also, don’t forget to donate to maintain the place! Any amount will do.

2:00 PM ETA @ Alona Beach


3:30 PM @ Baclayon (Where we park our motorcycle)

ETD to Bilar (Manmade Forest) and Chocolate Hills (Carmen)

We try to catch up before sunset to Chocolate Hills located in Carmen, Bohol. The estimated time for the travel via motor will be 1 hr.20 mins.

OUR SAVIOR!!!-google maps for our travel guide, here is the map:

bohol chocolate

Our ride is kinda bumpy but all in all smooth and no hassle. Though some roads don’t have lamp posts, there are a lot of motor vehicles using this route. Don’t forget to bring your helmets/caps/sunglasses or any protection to sun, rain or dust.

WHAT I’VE NOTICED: People in Bohol don’t particularly use their helmets, I’ve only seen 4-5 people who wore their helmets while driving in my whole stay at Bohol but for tourists, I advised to use it for your protection since you don’t know the roads and the conditions.



ETA 4:00PM @ Bilar, Manmade Forest, Bohol (The forest is so wonderful, to think it is all planted by hands) The air in this place felt so cold and misty.

ETD 4:15 Bilar going to Carmen (Chocolate Hills)

ETA 5:30 @ Carmen, Bohol



Giant Chocolate Kisses!


sunset @ Chocolate Hills


Legit wonderful creation of God.


ETD 6:00PM @ Carmen, Bohol

One of the most craziest decision I’ve ever made when we our going home, we didn’t take the route going to Carmen, instead we followed google again! URGGHHH. We used the “fastest route” which is kinda creepy, via Balilihan-Cortes route going to the City. HAHAHAHA I’ve learned that its not reliable to use your google maps especially when at night because it might bring you to places you’ve never wanted to take, but ALAS! so brave of us to still go for the route. NO CHANCES OF RETURNING BACK. ahahahha

The route is not popular because its far from the highway, in short (kaloob-looban) *very tricky route inside the province.

We traveled going to Tagbilaran City for almost 2 hrs. WOW.

ETA 8:00PM @ our Place (dinner and rest)


As what I’ve said, this is the reason why we’ve gone to Bohol. The wedding of one of our Team Captain (Volunteers) Bro. Jepthe and Sis. Marjhorie.

Since we need to check-out that day, we need to find another hostel for our stay upto the next day. We had to bring our bags to one of our friend’s house in Baclayon via motorbike and full-outfit.


Can you imagine how we managed to go to the wedding while riding in a motorbike and in in our dresses and full make-up? HAHAHA

The wedding will take place at Calape, Bohol.

ETD 9:00AM Baclayon to Calape, Bohol


ETA 11:00 AM @ Calape, Bohol

As usual, the travel is exhausting but the weather isn’t that hot, so we just travel still.

Afternoon (Wedding and Reception) FREE TIME


We’ve checked in the night before to Casa Rey Francis Hotel in Tagbilaran City for a night via Agoda. The place is basic for travelers who are on a budget needing for a decent night to stay.

We’ve got an AC room for around P657.00/Night (for two) which is a good buy for us.



 9:00 AM we’ve decided to stroll around Bohol for one last time.

We gone to Island City Mall via tricycle for P12.50/per person or P25 for 2, the Mall hours started at 9am but the stores is still close, so we’ve just decided to buy ice cream at Bohol Bee Farm Ice Cream Store. (chose avocado flavor in casava cone) at P50.00


After that we ride a tricycle going to Plaza Marcela to stroll around.


(Part time pigeon feeder in the Park)

 At 10:00AM we’ve chartered a tricycle to go to Blood Compact Site (Sandugo @ Baclayon)


Our tricyle waited us outside the site and souvenir shopping. We’ve paid him P120 for the site and to drop us off in our hotel

IMG_6098[1]  IMG_6094[1]

                  PASALUBONG!!! Just beside the blood compact site is a shop where you can buy affordable souvenirs of Bohol. (Peanut kisses, tsokoron. T-shirts and key chain/magnets)

ETD 12:00nn  Check-out to our Hotel, Humprey and Joannie offered us ride to the Seaport (really like their hospitality indeed! RECOMMENDED AIRBNB HOSTS) – Check in to Tagbilaran Terminal

ETA 2:30PM   From Pier 3, ride a multi-cab going to Pier 1 to ride a ferry going to Lapu-Lapu City.


From Lapu-Lapu City @ 3:30pm we ate lunch at Belle’s Siomai at the back of the Church.


After that at around 4:30pm we’ve ride two (2) multi-cabs going to the Airport.

ETA 5:00PM @ Mactan Airport (Checked-in) for our Flight

ETD  7:00PM Fly to Manila (HOORAY!!!)


ETA 9:15PM NAIA, Pasay City

All in all, I had an amazing experience in our Cebu-Bohol Escapade for the year 2016.

TIPS: For those who are travelling via PUV, Jeepneys in Dao Terminal/Near Island City Mall has it own schedule especially after 5:00pm, so better be aware of time and route schedule of PUV’s going to your different destination. (i.e. when travelling going to Baclayon, Loboc-Valencia will be the usual route but after 5:00pm, this will not be the case, they will not accept passengers going with the same route unless you add P20 to your usual fare, TAKE NOTE: That they have their specific route schedule on the said time. Better ask your hostel/dorm/place hosts whenever youre travelling on your own to avoid confusion and lost *though Bohol is small to be lost of, just for your safety*

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BOHOL TO YOUR NEXT TRIP. People are very honest and friendly! There is no traffic, the nature is extremely empowering especially for those who are looking for peaceful place to distress. Just enjoy the surroundings, have fun, eat anything that you want but always be a responsible traveler.



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