The Beauty of Pinto Art Museum: Antipolo City

pinto art museum

It was last year 2015, when I’ve heard and read about how beautiful and “minimalist” the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo, Rizal is created.

Alas! Last March 2016, I’ve got a chance to visit the place.

It is beyond beautiful. The aura of the place is very “dreamy” and calm. I felt like  I entered the god and goddess den, the structural identity of the place is so unique. Its a little Santorini, in Greece i guess.

Purity and free-spirited

( Rizal Monument with thousand heads with KKK Flags together with the Philippine Flag)

(won’t you love to sit here and have coffee?)

                                                  The view from the veranda of one of the Gallery


These are the paintings crafted by local artists.


(one of the most interesting gallery in the museum)

(open-heart surgery?)

(interesting eh?- the womb)

( this painting made an impression with us)

(oh, i love this)

(pathway to the secret garden…more exciting galleries)

(this recycled cans has something to say, which is undoubtedly true)

(isn’t this amazing? my heart is celebrating the freedom of art)

Hooray!!!! Words aren’t enough to describe the scenery and our feeling.

It was like freeing yourself from different realm of life.


(via Commute)

From Ortigas-

You can ride an FX in Mega Mall Bldg B going to Antipolo. Drop off point is Ynares Center.

Fare: Php 50.00/person

At the Ynares Center, you can rent a tricycle going to Grand Heights Subdivision where Pinto Art Museum is located.

Fare: Php 25.00/person


The museum has an entrance fee for their maintenance of the place. It is also said that the owner of the Museum is a doctor and has passion with arts. He is the well known, Dr. Joven  Cuanang, Medical Director of St. Lukes Hospital.

For students (ID should be presented): P100.00

For regular : P180.00

You can also buy souvenirs inside and has a cafe.


The museum is CLOSED on MONDAYS.

You can visit it from Tuesday to Sunday.

The closing time will be at 6:00pm.

Let’s celebrate Art!

Love to go back and experience the serene place.



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