Adventure at Mt. Pinagbandirahan/ Mt. Gulugod Baboy : Anilao, Batangas


Last August 31, 2015, we had our Day Hike in  Mt. Pinagbandirahan also known as Mt. Gulugod-Baboy, it was called “GB” because the mountain has a resemblance to that of the Pig-spine.

This is located in the boundaries of Anilao and Mabini, Batangas and considered as 525+masl. It is also known for its grassy land and like that of the hill scene in the telemarathon for kids, “Teletubbies”.

Mt. Gulugod Baboy have a trail difficulty of 2/9 and be able to trekked for 1-2 hours, though the hours still depends on the phasing of the climber/guest. This is said to be a minor climb  (which I beg to disagree) and some recommended this place for beginners before climbing Mt. Pico de Loro.

ETD 0700 Bus from Pasay Terminal going to Grand Central Terminal (Batangas)

ETA 0900 Grand Central Terminal

Then we rode a jeepney (Mabini signage) routed to Anilao Market which took us around 30 minutes,  and then rode a tricycle there going to Philpan Dive Resort (Registration Point).

(the registration point for Mt. Gulugod Baboy, the fee cost us PhP35.00/each)

Though we didn’t hire a guide for our climb, some locals offer there hike service(s) for PhP500.00)(tricycle going to Philpan, the view from the road is so serene. the salty air is refreshing.)

We started to trek around 10:30am.

(the first part has a concrete road, too much heat gave us a difficult time to walk but it will never stop us! LOL )

What I have learned here in this trek: Don’t underestimate. The people you are with. The trail and also how stunningly beautiful the mountain is.

Here are some photos I’ve managed to take while on the trail.

Around 11:30am, we’ve decided to take our lunch in the middle of the trail. Thanks to the family who let us stay on their balcony and lended us their table while we are eating.

(they’re not hungry indeed. hahaha!)

 Peak 1 at around 12:00nn

(panoramic shot in Peak 2 “Middle/Gitna”)

The view from above is awe-inspiring. Nature really cleanses the soul.

Peak 3 (Highest Peak)

At around 1- 2:00 pm (13:00-14:00 MT), we’ve settled to trek down. As usual, travelling down from the mountain is so much manageable than reverse, so it only take us just  few minutes to reach the jump-off area.

Indeed a cold-shower is a must after a climb, that’s why we went to Lola Andy’s house (she is offering a cold-shower for climbers for only P25.00). Her house is on the left side coming down from the path walk of the mountain and with distinguished signage “LIGO- P25.00”.

The locals within the vicinity are very helpful especially when we are looking for a place to eat and also how to get a ride going back to the Grand Terminal. As much as we wanted to explore the white beach(es) near the place, specifically Sumbrero and Oscar Island, we are too exasperated and groggy climbing in a sun-striking time. (we will surely go back to that beaches. lol)

Further, kuya Rommel, one of the local told us that we can try one of their specialty in Anilao, the infamous cuisine which is called “Gising Gising” (stir-fried squid, pork and liver with chili’s) in Balayan View Restaurant. I’ll recommend their Lomi and Pork Mami which is served for 2-3 person/s.

The tricycle drop-off point is in the Junction Area where jeepney’s are available going to Crossing, the Jeep’s route is going to Batangas or maybe to Port. When we got to Crossing, we rode again another jeep going to Grand Terminal with route back to Manila.

Around 9:00 pm, weve reached the DLTB Bus Terminal in Buendia with hand-held Buko Pie and Panutsa for pasalubong.

Budget: (based on per person)

Bus going to Grand Terminal – PhP157.00

Jeep going to Anilao Market (route going to Mabini) -PhP37.00

Tricyle going to PhilPan – PhP 30.00

Registration Fee (Mt. Pinagbandirahan) – P35.00; optional local guide – P500.00

Tricycle going to Junction – P40.00

Jeep going to crossing (routed to Batangas/Port) – P30.000

Jeep going to Grand Terminal – P8.00

Bus going back to Manila (Buendia) – PhP157.00

For fare only – P494.00 or P500.00/each person (back & forth)

(Disclaimer: Fare is subject to increase, this is only based on the time of the event)

Note: Some locals will tell you to get a guide, but in my opinion, if you are with someone that is well- knowledgeable of the trail, you can climb without, because the trail is so distinct, you can never be missed out/left behind unless you’ve tried to take the traverse.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my blog!



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