What to know about our climb in Mt. Mariang Makiling : Los Banos, Laguna


July 26, 2015, we had an opportunity to explore the enigmatic mountain located in Los Baños, Laguna. The infamous Mariang Makiling (Mt. Makiling or Mt. Maquiling with 1090 masl) via traditional trail or the UPLB Trail.

It was said that some visitors of the mountain before had mystical experience while their on the trail. Stories says that some climbers didn’t come back at all or that they trekked the trail for too long because  they cant find the way down which leads to terrifying reactions to 

the locals and to the guests. 

In contrary, I never felt any bit of terror when TVM Group planned to hike it, maybe it is because i have a special bond with nature (which i guess a little bit creepy though) 🙂

DISCLAIMER: the blood-sucking insect “Limatik” is REAL and it is more aggressive and present when the trail is wet. They are sticking in the plants and also in muddy places.

(limatik waiting for the next target)


We arrived at Makiling Registration Facility at around 6:30 to 7am.

 Have some briefing by our Team Lead and also prayer for our guidance in the climb.

We started to trek at around 7:30am.

 Indeed the mountain is rich in its biodiversity.

You can also see how this mountain was duly protected and reforested.

(overwhelming combination of high trees and plants)

(base camp where mountaineers usually stays overnight)

There are local stores where you can hydrate.

(We have this “buddy system” while in the trail so that someone will help you to track if limatik’s are sticking to your face or clothing)

Estimated 45 minutes from starting point when we reached the Agila Base. (usually, it is trekked for 1hr and 30 mins)

(the trail has different road, first, the rough road going to Agila Base)

(the unshakable and vigorous TVM Girls)

(the brawny and tough TVM Guys)

We started to fix our proper attire before trekking the wilderness zone due to the indispensable blood sucking creature “limatik”.

NOTE: Should cover your ears and watch  out before it goes closely on your face. It is said that this insect will just stick in your skin and suck-out some blood and later on will die on its own. No sting effect or something but i believed its better if you take precautions.

BRING YOUR OWN ALCOHOL SPRAY. It is said that it will be helpful in detaching the limatik or be “less” as a target.

If you think that Mt. Makiling is that easy better think twice because even the pioneer climbers were really breathing hard before theyve reached the summit. Along the trail, you’ll see how different this mountain among others not only because its “assault-ous” (which i think given though), but because of unpredictable  weather throughout the stations. Some parts are cloudy, some parts of the mountain are strikenly sunny.

Further, there are 1 to 30 stations from the jump-off to the summit. I think weve reached the summit at around 1:30-2pm.  Around 5-6 hrs in the trail.

Different stations, different challenges i noticed. There are parts were you need someone to pull you up enable you to continue going up. Some has eroded and muddy soil. One part you need to use a ladder. Some you need to crawl to fit in a two sided rocks.

Being attentively careful is a must in every climb particularly in this trail because the right side of the trail is already a cliff that you might dangerously stumble or slip upon.

As expected, the mountain’s view is beyond speechless.

A whole new world indeed while you’re up in the mountain.

Thank God because we have reached the summit.

 (lunch in the summit. not threatened by limatiks)

We have reached the Agila Base going down at around 2:30-3pm and stopped by on a local store.

A FREEZING Softdrink is a great reward after an extreme & adventurous climb. ☺️

MARIANG MAKILING gives me a wonderful-eye boggling-skip beating heart-authentic-naturous trail. Indeed a WORTH-IT climb.

 The team somehow managed to not experience any haunting things while in the trail. (hmmm… coz the climbers are kind-hearted individuals & the mountain did felt it)

Indeed what you’ve do good things to others (i guess while in the mountain and with nature) others will give back good things unto you.


(photo credits to A-chiel Ballesteros, TJ Taburico & Richard Directo)

Let no one hinder you from exploring.


Hope you’ve enjoyed reading!



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